Google Nexus 6 Specs and Images Making Way for Themselves

Tech geeks are always unsatisfied with the specs of the devices they own. They do not even make the use of thing they have in hands but keep looking out for the devices in stores to complete their needs. This is the reason why companies keep delivering new devices over time. Google just revealed their latest device in nexus series in November, 2013 in collaboration with LG. Now they are moving forward to launch new and better one later this year. It has not been finalized yet that who is going to manufacture this device.

It is believed that the new device will be there in market in August, 2014 to create buzz. It will be featuring new and amazing features for tech geeks but as usual they will remain unsatisfied.

Google Nexus 6 Display and Body

Curved display Google nexus 6As this device is the best for pocket, you do not need to spend much for this device. Indirectly it means that do not expect out of the box specs from this device like 4K UHD display. But it will give decent specifications to be used and enjoyed.

Rumors speak that Nexus 6 will be delivered this time with Aluminum body to offer you some style

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in hand. Screen size will not exceed 5.2 inch as this size is easy to fit in pocket and carry in your hand. 2K UHD resolution display can be expected with curved LED screen providing corning Gorilla glass cover.

Other Specs and features

Sometimes, it does not matter what you have in hand, but it should be classy and sexy. Everyone must look at you at the time you are carrying it. Google is doing good R&D to make their device classy but what about other specs.

Unlike Nexus 5, this device will be carrying 3100 mAh battery to provide better battery backup than last device in the series. When we talk about operating system, you must be thinking of new this time. Yes, this time Google will deliver new Android operating system with this device; it can be Android 6.0 Milkshake.

Coming to hardware specs of the device, you can trust it for performance as it will be features with 2.4 GHz Octa-Core processor with 4 GB RAM. Additionally, it will be available in three model of internal storage which will be 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. Most economical will be 32 GB to carry.

Camera is also the most concerned specs for a tech geek to look in a device. Google nexus 6 will carry 16 MP primary camera and 4 MP secondary camera. Ultra low sensitivity sensors can be seen this time in this device to improve your photography in dark.

Besides all the other specs like Micro-USB, NFC, Wi-Fi, other sensors and features are likely to be pin up with this device. What more you need from an economical device? Keep reading it to know the updated story on Google Nexus 6.


  1. Keep me updated on Google’s Nexus 6, Smartphone…. P.s. how much would it be for unlocked gsm one? when it comes out in, August or September 2014.

    • Albert,
      Nothing is decided right now when it comes to the price of device as there is tough competition in the market. As it gets launched we will update you with the price.

  2. how could I buy it in china mainland? Thank you!
    I’m looking forward for your replay!

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