Google Nexus 6 Release Date – Nexus 6 and Nexus 8 appears in chromium browser

Nexus 5 was launched by Google the long time ago and it is a success for Google. After that, Google launched a well-developed device under its own brand name Motorola. Now people are inclined to know about Google Nexus 6 release date. We hope that you will get the new device in your hand soon.

Google Nexus 6

Next device is going to be more amazing than the present device launched by Google with Motorola. Rumors suggest that Google will launch the next device in Nexus series with the brands which can be Lenovo, Motorola or LG.

Recently, Google launched Nexus 5 with Android v4.5 Jelly Bean, and possibilities are telling thatNexus 6 will also come with Jelly Bean and the later update will be available. Nexus 5 sales suggest that Google must arrange Nexus 6 release date in the coming future. People are not ready to wait for the upcoming smartphone.

As we have reported few problem in the present model of Nexus smartphone; the upcoming model will try to overcome the loopholes of this device. Google is not only focusing on Nexus series, we all know that Google has also bought Motorola and ready to deliver better devices.

It can also be possible that Google can launch this device under their brand which means next device can be Motorola Nexus 6. This is the right time for Google to push their own brand in the market with best devices. Motorola also released a nice device in December 2013 which is launched with the name of Moto G.

We have too much time to discuss the release date of Google Nexus 6 as many rumors will hit the market until it is available in the market. We promise to be with you to help you observing all the rumors. But this is for sure that Google will deliver their next device in Nexus series in 2014 itself. Stay tuned for more updates on Nexus 6. You can like us on Facebook & follow us on twitter; sharing this news with your friends is the best thing.

Nexus 6 and Nexus 8 appears in chromium browser source code:

The new Nexus devices do not exist yet officially but the name already appears in the source code of Chromium browser. Speculation is rife about the new terminal device in Nexus series that could appear by the end of this year as Google is focusing on high-end smartphone. A potential candidate in the series is a tablet Nexus 8 and smartphone Nexus 6.

But it is precisely these names which have been found in the source code of Chromium web browser via its review in Chromium Code Reviews. While it may still be a false alarm, the presence of the expected names may indicate that Google has already chosen names for its future devices, including the first announcement could occur as early as July, presumably with a new version of Android.

According to rumors, the tablet Nexus 8 take the following Nexus 7 in 2012 and 2013 with a screen size greater pressure to limit competition phablets and resist the price war. The tablet is expected in the third quarter and could be designed by HTC instead of Asus.

The smartphone Nexus 6 would meanwhile follow the Nexus 5 and is still being manufactured by LG Electronics on the basis of its latest flagship, namely the LG G3 to be unveiled in late May. It should be available later in the year (around October 2014).

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