Google Nexus 6: Smart People Smart Phone

Google has already given us wonderful stuff. It is not only limited to internet but has also jumped into the field of technology

long time ago. It launched best series of smartphones and tablets which is known as Nexus series. Now they are planning to launch another device in nexus series which will be Google Nexus 6. Below you will get all the things related to the upcoming device.

Story of Google Nexus Series

Nexus 6 GoogleWhy Google introduced its Nexus series when it made Android available in all the other devices? Nexus series was launched as the series of devices having best prices with unbeatable configuration in the market. This series is for those who wish to have a beast in their hand but do not have much money to get it. So Google made their mind to help them to get out of it and play with best smartphones.

Story started with HTC Nexus launched in January, 2010 followed by Samsung Nexus S in December, 2010. Next year in November, Samsung Galaxy Nexus appeared in the market. In 2012, LG Nexus 4 covered the market terrorizing all the other brands. Nexus 4 broke all the records in sales and performance. Then Google revealed LG Nexus 5 on 31st October, 2013 and it is selling in market as hot cakes as best thing to get. When we used it, we found some major issues in terms of battery performance if compared to Nexus 4. If you would have used this device then you can comment on the performance of Google Nexus 5. We recommend you to go for Nexus 5 in terms of hardware and software performance.

Nexus series made it fans all over the globe at the beginning of its launch. And it does not need any recommendation or information to be spread. The loophole which we mentioned can be the reason Why Google is interested to launch Google Nexus 6. It seems that giant will make it available in next six months. If you are looking for a smartphone to buy then upcoming device in Nexus series can be the best option for you. Google will reveal hardware related to this device in Mobile World Congress in February, 2014 at Barcelona, Spain.

  • HTC Nexus One (Nexus 1) – Jan 2010
  • Samsung nexus (Nexus 2) – Dec 2010
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Nexus 3) – Nov 2011
  • LG Nexus 4 – Nov 2012
  • LG Nexus 5 – Nov 2013
  • Google nexus 6 – Nov 2014

Nexus 6 Release Date

Google nexus 6 ConceptNothing can be confirmed as the release date of Nexus 6. This can also be delayed because of the unavailability of resources required in the making of device. But we know that fans can’t wait for the launch of this device in the series. As the previous two devices were launched early in the month of November, this can be expected that next device can again be launched near to it or before it.

There is also very much possibility that this device can be seen in the second quarter of 2014. It can easily be judged by the growing need and demand of smartphones in the market. People have almost stopped using laptops. Now they are moving towards the nest generation devices which are tablets and smartphones. New Nexus device will again be a low price device to grab as opportunity. Hope for the best to get its release in the second quarter of 2014.

Will Nexus 6 feature flexible or curved display?

Curved display Google nexus 6Have you just checked that Google launch their device at the end of the year? It can be a market strategy to make it the most selling device over the globe. It takes all the possible technology and clubs it together to convert it into a beast device. People also save their money from the starting of the year and when in the mid of the year Google announced the launch of their device; they think to wait for some more time to get the best device of the market. Haters also use this thing to criticize.

But we surely have great fans of nexus series apart from haters. Future generation Nexus device will surely match your expectation. Some companies like Samsung and LG have taken the initiative to launch devices with curved display so Google will not interfere in

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this matter.

People have started taking interest in 2K resolution devices which is recently launched by some Chinese manufacture. Google can take this point to expect more sales this time. Other company like Samsung is also getting ready to design their device such as Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 4 in the market soon.

Google Nexus 6 Specifications

Nexus 6 SmartphoneAll the expectations of users can’t be completed by a single company but they always try their best to make a device which is best suited for the users. Technology Geeks can expect high end specifications from a smartphones but it can’t be possible. It is reported that Nexus 6 will be available with 3 GB RAM but some other blogs are claiming that it will feature 6 GB RAM. Exact specification can’t be listed so early before the launch of device.

  • 3100 mAh battery
  • Lots of Sensors
  • Two variants featuring 32 GB and 64 GB internal memory
  • Security Sensors
  • 5 inches 2K UHD display
  • 3 GB RAM
  • Octa Core processor, 2.5 GHz

Read Google Nexus 6 Preview


Different people can have different expectations from a device but Google will try its best to launch a device which will be best suited for everyone. But we are confused to get answer for Google Nexus 7. Although, it’s not a relevant questions but How will Google launch a device by make Nexus 7 as it is already available.

Well, we will look in this matter. Let’s wait and watch the game of Google. If you have something to share with us regarding smartphones then do comment below any of the article. We will try our best to reach you. Share valuable news with your friends on Facebook, Twiter and Google+.

Update 25/7/2014: Nexus 6 will be made by HTC, not LG

Sources revealed that LG is not manufacturing Google Nexus 6 this time. Ken Hong, director of LG revealed that LG do not know about anything about Nexus 6.

It can be possible to see this device by HTC this time. Let’s talk about the updates specs of this device. It is rumored that it will pack 64-bit Snapdragon 800 processor having clocking frequency 3 GHz. It would be featuring 5.2 inches curved LCD full HD display protected with Corning Gorilla Glass.

It will have 3 GB RAM, 13 MP primary camera and 5 MP secondary camera. Rumors are suggesting that it will be released in October or November.

Update 30/7/2014: Fans are not happy as HTC is making next nexus

You can read the comments below and also put your own views. Below in comments we have seen that fans are not happy with either the performance of HTC or something else by HTC has disturbed them. This can be the reason why they are not happy to accept the new device by HTC.

They must refer the full detail that Why they are not ready to accept the new device by HTC. All previous Nexus devices have created good market but this time it seems it will not be able to convince customers much.

What can be the reason? Comment below!!


  1. HTC.. hmm.. i’d rather see Samsung, Lenovo (Motorola) or even LG. Sony would be nice 2.
    Hopefully the device will come with 5.2″ screen max. Need to buy new jeans if it comes with 6″ find it harder to handle.

  2. Should be as good as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 Processor.
    Keep it up Google!

  3. it s beter if it s released by google only..
    if it s released by HTC price will be high nd sales of htc one will fall down rapidly.. bcoz no one can comprimise frm nexus..

  4. Google Nexus phones has always been a best buy for everyone as compared to other phones and also the recently launced iPhone 6 & 6 Plus. Google Nexus is one phone which u can fall in love it,the moment see it. It is the most beautiful designed phone .It is a budget phone with top end features.

  5. It’s almost guaranteed that the release of Nexus 6 will motivate competing manufacturers to release more versions of their smartphones. The competition will get better and exciting as these companies strive to scoop the largest market share. Curious to know if release of Nexus 6 will have a huge impact of Apple iPhone 6 sales.

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  6. looking the expected specs of nexus 6, the price of this nexus series will surely be high

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