Nexus 6 and Nexus 8 appears in chromium browser source code

The new Nexus devices do not exist yet officially but the name already appears in the source code of Chromium browser.

Speculation is rife about the new terminal device in Nexus series that could appear by the end of this year as Google is focusing on high end smartphone. Potential candidate in the series are a tablet Nexus 8 and smartphone Nexus 6.

Google nexus 6 chromium codeNexus 8 chromium codeBut it is precisely these names which have been found in the source code of Chromium web browser via its review in Chromium Code Reviews. While it may still be a false alarm, the presence of the expected names may indicate that Google has already chosen names for its future devices, including the first announcement could occur as early as July, presumably with a new version of Android.

According to rumors, the tablet Nexus 8 take the following Nexus 7 in 2012 and 2013 with a screen size greater pressure to limit competition phablets and resist the price war. The tablet is expected in the third quarter and could be designed by HTC instead of Asus.

The smartphone Nexus 6 would meanwhile following the Nexus 5 and is still being manufactured by LG Electronics on the basis of its latest flagship, namely the LG G3 to be unveiled in late May. It should be available later in the year (around October 2014).